Constructed Mythology
Fubadub Allies
Fubadubs, Turkys, Gragons, Kombadombbbs, Ello, Fubadub Crows
Nee Legion
Nee, Squirrels, Wumpadumps, Black Sheep, Camaki, Zorkenhumulschmunks
Third Party
Mongosse, Chipmunk, Skant, Mizinti, Govoki, Undead Ello
Azuncian Alliance
Azuncians, Soul Harvesters, Monstrosidoodles

The Nee are enemies of the Fubadubs and creators of the Nee legion. They are naturally talented when it comes to critical thinking and any type of magic and are very intelligent. They have no god, as the Eee is long dead, though some do worship Nut; the Squirrel goddess, or even the creator himself. There are a select few Nee who are obsessed with the ressurection of the Eee, though they work in the shadows, knowing that the vast majority of Nees have no desire to once again become corrupted.


Nees are quite simply floating heads. They are even more gifted in levetation than Fubadubs, able to float in midair as well as hold objects without hands. Most Nees are pink an Purple, though once in a blue moon, a yellow Nee is born. Yellow Nees are twice as intelligent as normal Nees and a great deal wiser, yet they lack the physical strength to fight. The only real difference between male and female Nees is that male Nees often have red eyes, while Females do not. Females also have higher voices and pinker skin than males. All races agree that baby Nees are adorable.


Nees, like Fubadubs, tend to wander and can be found anywhere, though their main stronghold is in the tainted lands, where the vast majority of them live.


Nee culture may seem a tad boring at first, but in truth, Nees are shy and tend not to show a great deal of their culture around other races. Young Nees are taught to be cautious around other races, even if they are allies. If there is one thing that Nees loathe, it's getting backstabbed or betrayed.

Notable Nees[]

Lord Maxros: Leader of the Nees, Maxros is large and powerful, both in mind and body. Some Nees say he can crush skulls with just his mind, though Maxros denies this. Maxros appears calm and collected, greeting even the most suspicious strangers with warmth and kindness. Of course, the glint in his eye is quite noticable. anyone who is in his presence for more than a minute can tell you that he's always watching you.