Constructed Mythology

Nawari is a continent in the South-West of Okara. It is currently controlled mostly by Amarid Empire and the Khemerind States.


By most standards, Nawari is comprised of five regions:

Amar: located to the north of the continent, this is the region controlled by the Amarid Empire

Khemerind: a large cluster of city states between the Amarid Empire and the Khmapet mountains

Khmapet: a mountain range to the north-east of the continent, home to a network of temples and monasteries inhabited by monks. The mountain range connects Nawari to the continent of Alamyr.

Ashua: a small region in the north-west, enclosed by mountains. Colonised by Ellyria, Niedernland and Mycenia.

Agresh Desert: A large central region. Populated by Suhwar tribes, beastmen and other creatures.