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A species from an entirely different world, Nautelle is an aquatic creature who displays great intelligence and mind boggling power. Her intentions are shrouded in mystery, though it seems she will do anything to further her goals. She is well known for backstabbing the demon-lord Azuncazunc and fleeing to the sea, where she is currently lurking.



Nautelle is a huge, amphibious creature of some sort, rivaling Giglub in size. Her body is a sort of purple-blue colour and lizard like in appearance. Nautelle is able to thrive both in and out of water, as she possesses both gills and lungs, though she is much slower on land.


Little is known about the power Nautelle possesses. It is known that she can merge with any living being in a sort of symbiosis, which might mean she is also capable of taking her host over. It could be that she tried at first to do that with Azuncazunc, but found that his mind was too powerful.


Nautelle utterly rules the sea, her domain, therefore, it's logical that the smartest attack plan would be one launched on land. Since Nautelle is slow and sluggish on land, she would be weakened significantly.


Nautelle's past is mostly a mystery. However, she is not completely hostile and has shared tales with harmless travellers. From what they've learned, Nautelle was born in a different world, though even there a creature such as she had never been seen before. She grew up in a secluded lake, where she quickly rose to the top of the food chain. Eventually, Nautelle grew bored of life in the lake, realizing that she was capable of much more, and left for the sea. For many years she hunted there, until one day, she was somehow stripped of all her power and left as a little tadpole. Furious, but helpless, she floated about until she came across Azuncazunc.

Lil nautelle


When she first encountered Azuncazunc, Nautelle was fading fast. She saved the demon lord's life and became one with him, though she was only waiting for a chance to regain her power. The opportunity came when she offered to wreak havoc in Fubadubia on the demon-lord's behalf. As soon as all her power had returned, Nautelle simply pushed Azuncazunc to the side and left.

Nautelle's current whereabouts are not known. Some say she's made her home in the Ellorian Archipellago, a chain of islands off the coast of the East continent. Many believe that once Azuncazunc returns, Nautelle will be his first target, but will the demon lord be any match for her?

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