Constructed Mythology
Torch Maiden

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Somewhere on an alternate earth, wars arise as fascist, communist, and capitalist nations collide.


Henry Furukawa is working late at his janitor office at a local high school in his native country of Takawa when all of a sudden, bombs hit nearby and give Henry a concussion. Later the Republic of Takawa and the Democratic Republic of Rei Fascio face off. Allies chose their friends and enemies do the same. Henry grabs a shot gun and joins into the action when one of Rei Fascio's allies called Villa Rustica invades. Can the small nations of Takawa, Svurzland, Valiar, and New Zinnia win against their former leaders or will the Rei Fascian Army be too much for the allies of good?


  • Henry Furukawa
  • Maximo Vermelli
  • Jose de Bois Tierra
  • Jón Jónsson
  • Wilhelm Julius Faust

Relevant Places[]

  • Duluth
  • Magnus
  • Union of Fascian Fascist Republics
Democratic Republic of Rei Fascio 
Kingdom of Takawa
United Incorporated States of Villa Rustica
Republic of Etrusca
Republic of Vesuvius 
Empire of Theos Oblast
Amarethean Kingdom 
Union of Turan
Democratic Republic of Magnus 
Federal Republic of Valiar 
United Provinces of New Zinnia 
Empire of Surasia 
The Fascist Corporation 
Grand Republic of Duluth