Constructed Mythology

Nastros has grown over the course of a few years. Unlike most fantasy worlds, it has no fantasy creatures but instead if completely populated by humans. It does have limited magic though.


Whilst numerous myths have grown over time as to the origin of life in the world, the one that is most is accepted amongst the people of Nastros is that an extremely powerful group of beings seeded life in the world.


The only known continent is Nastros. Due to the hazardous nature of the oceans surrounding it, no seafarer has traveled out of sight of the coast. Some believe that their may be more continents, but they lack the courage to brave the oceans to find them, if they do exist.


The continent of Nastros is split into three lands. These are:

Note that these names are what they are called in the present day. In the past some of these lands were named differently.


There are multiple realms in Nastros in the present day, and many have already fallen in the past.

Fallen Realms[]

  • The Alliance(multiple realms)
  • The Warlords(multiple realms)
  • The Kingdom of Ghem
  • The Princedom of Posia

Existing Realms[]

  • The Seaglin Empire
    • The Orders
    • The Princedom of Posia(vassal)
  • The Kingdom of New Thyis
    • Ghem(vassal)
  • The Empire of Duntow
  • The Clans of Umar
  • The Ruyusian Empire


Pre-Exodus Wars[]

  • The War of the Warlords
  • The First Crusade
  • The War of Darkness

Pre-Dark Crusade Wars(Post-Exodus)[]

  • The Seaglin Civil War
  • The Great War

Time of the Dark Crusade[]

  • The Seaglin Revolution
  • The Central Plains Conflict
  • The War of the Alliance
  • The Dark Crusade
  • The Second Crusade




  • The Xavier Dynasty
    • Rodriguez Xavier
  • The Svarog Dynasty
    • Alan Svarog
  • The Daelin Dynasty
    • Rodriguez Daelin
    • Balnor Daelin
The Orders[]
  • Xavier Family
    • Xavier I
    • Xavier II
    • Xavier III

  • Daelin Family
    • Daelin I
    • Rodriguez Daelin
    • Balnor Daelin
  • Svarog Family
    • Svarog I
    • Lonar Svarog
  • Tallova Family
    • Tallova I


  • Thyis I
  • Thyis II
  • Thyis III
  • Thyis IV


  • Hadenous
  • Maximilianus



  • Teronius Daelin
The Orders[]
  • Talon Svarog
  • Narquiz Tallova
  • Magnus Xavier
  • Rolavon Daelin
  • Moray


  • King Alan
  • General Genickle

Lists are not exclusive, this is just what has been developed so far