Constructed Mythology


After the collapsing of the universe before, the great ball of matter hung in stasis for a very long time, an egg housing the being that would arise anew with each cycle. When the egg finally cracked, the pieces were flung out, hurtling outward for as long as the being would live. The risen one was a great Dragon, such that the world would only ever see once, and the same one each time, reincarnated. IT roamed the place it had created, breathing upon random celestial bodies to give them properties. As time went by, life formed on some of those bodies. Others became barren and unfit for life, while still others became stars and lent light to the skies. IT showed preference to none, and left ITs mark on each race. N'gralanak is a single part of one galaxy out of many.

All the races knew IT at first. Then, IT became a legend, nothing more than a myth, but still IT watched and waited for those who would bear ITs mark. From each of the many races rose a single being with the traits and the symbol of the Great Dragon. The Children of the Dragon, collectively known as Arkureytin, are infused with ITs essence, more than any other, and to them falls the task that the Dragon undertook at the dawn of time. The task is unwritten and unspeakable, but the souls of the Arkureytin knows it, and they follow.

N'gralanak is just a single part of many. We will call it a plane, upon which is set many distinct groups.

Gods and Godlike Entities[]

  • The Great Dragon - commonly referred to as IT by the general populace, but known as Arkureyt by ITs children
  • The Arkureytin - scions of the Great Dragon, they are born to normal families, but with varying draconic characteristics and a birthmark in the shape of a dragon, though of varying size, appearance, location and number


There are many celestial bodies and sectors. Though each has its own name for them, we will separate them into four sectors, which IT calls:

  • Kihjun - The First
  • Wurqvaq - The Second
  • Huulgraan - The Third
  • Xolqwan - The Fourth