Constructed Mythology

'You think you can overcome the dark Myth inside you?' -Dero at the awaking of Armageddeon


What is it?[]

Myth is the power of magic that lies in every person that is sentient. Otherwise the creature must be blessed with Myth.


If the creature blessed with Myth gets too greedy s/he will die. The Myth will react with each other and cause an implosion. Dero can have as much as he wants as the Myth is placed in a storage bank in his Life-Support System.


'I can't believe it! Armageddeon can arise and this planet shall be mine!!'-Vaana after falling to her Dark Myth

End of the World[]

Armageddeon is the End of The World and Universe. Armageddeon arises with influence by Void Myth.

Armageddeon's Awaking[]

Believe it or not, Armageddeon actually risen thousands of times. Once he rose twice a day. But that was old times. Now no one really knows where Armageddon is.

Myth Temple[]

'Why do you come now? At my time of Glory?' - Dero at the Temple of Balance

The Myth Temples give Myth to anyone who recieves their blessing. The Blessing is giving the power to cast certain magic and Myth is the magic itself.