This is a myth,meaning it is not real,and does not support the beliefs of any group.It was solely for the Entertainment of the reader.

Mother Nature ruled the Earth. She controlled the weather and growth of all animals and plants. She noticed that she would need help, so she created Summer and Winter, her first two seasons. At first, they got along, but soon, they began to argue. Seeing this, Mother Nature created Fall, to keep peace between the quarreling seasons, but Fall soon sided with Winter and Summer became angry. So Mother Nature created Spring. But Spring was peaceful and did not want to side with Summer. Then Summer got angry, so Summer caused a great fire to burn in the wilderness, and today that is known as a wildfire. Mother Nature saw her creatures and plants burning, She was infuriated. She said in some areas, Summer would not rule during his time. Also to end the fighting, Winter was told that he wouldnt rule in some areas at all, and only had the cold continent of Antartica fully under his control. Winter did not like this, and caused an age of ice to plauge the earth. Summer was infuriated, and he cast a great drought in the land today known today as Africa. Spring tried to make rains quell the drought, but only succeded in making a rainforest in a small portion. Winter became angry, but he ended the ice age. Mother Nature saw this,mand decided to call all the seasons together. She told them each would get three months out of the year in temperate climates to each season to do as they wish. First came Winter, when the perennial plants shrivled, but did not die. Next came Spring, who was in charge of keeping peace and making the flowers bloom.Taking no sides,she decided to mix winter and summer in the season of Spring. Next came Summer, who was in charge of at first continuing Spring's work, but in some areas, made things die of heat. Fall was in charge of the transition to Winter. Because Winter had little area to rule than the other seasons, he was sometimes given extra weeks by Spring and Fall. He also got to control the transition of the year, meaning his rule lasted in two years. Also Winter could sometimes interupt other seasons with snow. So, the seasons remain in almost complete peace.

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