Constructed Mythology

Unknown last name, believed magically stripped from his identity.

Moses was first seriously encountered as a co-kidnapper, and eventual killer, of presidential recruit Hevuv II, although there is speculation he served in The Koraok Klan , specifically during their tenure as the henchmen of bone-trader Pda Spice. He next turned up as a captain in the Twine Crime Cydicate, and over the years rose higher and higher alongside his death count, and is now rumoured to be the jaws (the head’s personal enforcer, often against their own ranks). He is a West Roulen’s s, and exhibits fighting styles reminiscent of their BearCat squadron (the ‘quiet muscle’ who can equal the ninja’s in stealth then rip their throats out, and steal their treasure in under an hour. This squadron is outlawed and actively hunted in times of peace, but this are well-paid evils otherwise). So far, so violent. He is noted of late for two reasons:

1. He is one of the few known living practitioners of both electrical warlock and seawater abilities (hence the name), including expertise in water-self-actualistion (turning parts of yourself into water quickly and with full sensory functions, making him almost impossible to strike).

2. A key contributor and ordered organiser of the Blank Slate Massacare, the (most say misguided) ploy to weaken police-mages putting pressure on various Twine Crime major operations by razing their respective home towns and villages. While this certainly turned the tide, it also almost single handily galvanised the forces into coming at them even harder, and creating a huge number of Ronin Mage ’s in the process.