Constructed Mythology

Morotu is a planet with three regions and two known continents. Morotu's population consists of humans and anthropomorphic beings such as lizards and eagles.

Sense the planet‘s beginnings six natural elemental magic’s existed: Light, Fire, Air, Dragon Force, Water, Dark. While two have been discovered over time: Plant, and Metal.


While few clues to a definite origin exist, On the Continent of Colian a musty tome was recovered and deciphered. it said:

"In the first day's of [Morotu] ancient beasts with reptilian bodies and boar like heads, the Task Runners, were sent on to these lands to choose the locations of the first [cultures]".

Historical Events[]

Invention of Light Pyramid

The War of Draco


Task Runner

The Golden Dodo


Dragons: Powerful beings who formed an empire in Colian the Capital to which is in the tunnels of the largest volcanic mountain. Traitors to the empire are dubbed 'Basilisk'.

Elves: Humanoid beings with pointed ears generally taller then humans. Found on the Northern Continent. The Elves and the Gnomes make up two halves of one kingdom and have been at war with each other for years.

Gomes: Small humanoid beings ranging from the size of a mouse to three feet tall. Found on the Northern Continent. The Gnomes and Elves make up two halves of one kingdom and have been in and out of war for years.

Humans: Are found in all three regions of Morotu with differing numbers in each. On Colian humans are just one of a variety of beings , their culture has grown the most in Torn. On the Northern Continent human are one of the majorities.


Like the Earth we know Morotu is vastly covered in water. It has a Northern, and a Southern continent with a vast circle of islands between them. These are the three regions: The Northern land, Colian, and the Storm circle respectively.

The Northern land has a medieval feel with three kingdoms: The Clown Kingdom of Stan Czik, The Kingdom of the Were King. And the Kingdom of the Gnomes and Elves. Population wise humans and elves make up the majority with almost all anthropomorphic beings ether originate from Colian or are cursed werepeople.

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