Constructed Mythology

Moors il'Far was an expert scout and bowman, and personal assistant to Supreme Commanding General Karldin il'Ren.


Hazel eyes, Brown hair, 5'11, thin.


Two split swords at his waist on opposing sides, longsword strapped to back, bow and quiver, several split blade throwing knives.

Fighting Style[]

Moors uses both of his split swords in swift whirlwind attacks, complimented with occasional stabs. When forced to resort to his longsword he uses it in sweeping motions. Moors is an expert bowman and uses this weapon with precision and accuracy. He also possesses several split blade throwing knives which can also be used in hand to hand combat.

Allies and Enemies[]

Moors is great friends with Karldin and most of his men, though he hates General Eiln with a passion.


Born in the Haram Lands, Moors was the spoiled son of a noble. He became tired of his sheltered life and ran away from his home, seeking a purpose. While trekking through the wilderness he learned how to hunt and survive without aid, becoming a hardened man. He eventually found himself in southern Katar, and with a portion of his father's money convinced a blacksmith to create two unique swords. He based the design off of an old one he had found in his library before leaving, it was later discovered that this was an ancient Goblin pattern. Once his split blades were finished he headed North into the heart of Katar where he also purchased a sturdy bow and several throwing knives.

As the Haram War erupted, Moors decided to fight for his people, both in the hope of gaining fame and possible loot from battle. Instead of officially joining the army, he traveled south-east to Kridea, where he heard the fighting was the most intense. With the Elven penetration of Kridea's defenses. Moors witnessed the Fall of Ahad as well as the escape of the Faithful 100. As it happens Moors met this group and joined. Although his fellows were wary of this stranger, they respected his skills as an archer and his keen eyes.

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