Constructed Mythology
Fubadub Allies
Fubadubs, Turkys, Gragons, Kombadombbbs, Ello, Fubadub Crows
Nee Legion
Nee, Squirrels, Wumpadumps, Black Sheep, Camaki, Zorkenhumulschmunks
Third Party
Mongosse, Chipmunk, Skant, Mizinti, Govoki, Undead Ello
Azuncian Alliance
Azuncians, Soul Harvesters, Monstrosidoodles

Once Fubadubs, the Monstrosidoodles were promised great power by the interloper and as a result, were transformed into horrible monsters. Now, they are allied with the azuncians, though whether they have any true loyalty for their allies remains to be seen.



As mentioned above, Monstrosidoodles were in essence, created by the interloper.


All monstrosidoodles look different, though they all have reddish fur, reminiscent of the Fubadubs they once were. Unlike Fubadubs, Monstrosidoodles sometimes have arms and visible mouths. There is absolutely no way to tell male and female Monstrosidoodles apart.


Part of what the interloper promised the wayward Fubadubs who would eventually mutate was truth. The Monstrosidoodles were gifted with a grisly ability. Any Fubadub bitten, scratched, slashed, etc. by a Monstrosidoodle is cursed and will soon transform into a Monstrosidoodle. This curse is commonly known as Fubadub Rabies. The good news, there is still hope for Fubadubs in the early stages of Fubadub Rabies in the form of FAPR, an association that hopes to one day cure even the monstrosidoodles of their affliction.


Monstrosidoodles can be found in desert regions throughout Fubadubia.