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Mongosse are a somewhat primitive race, but are nevertheless respected as proud members of the third party alliance. Mongosse neither have nor worship gods, as their minds are narrow and they are as such unable to comprehend the concept of some grand being that they cannot see. Mongosse are hated by the Turkys, as feral mongosse who have left the third party alliance often raid Turky villages.


Mongosse are humanoid in appearance, though they resemble some sort of brown, furry creature. All Mongosse have two fangs that either come down from their top row of teeth, or up from their bottom teeth. Male and female Mongosse are easy to differentiate for many reasons. Female mongosse are shorter than males and generally have shorter fangs. Females also have more mahogany coloured fur, while males have just plain brown fur. Most mongosse have dark spots on their fur and small, furry tails.


Mongosse have a capital city within the darkness of the lower void, though they venture from this city often, being a very adventurous race.


Mongosse seem harsh to other races, and in truth feel little sympathy for mates and children, though they cannot be called cruel, insensitive or brutish. Part of Mongosse culture revolves around the concept of a single Mongosse being able to take care of his or herself. Mongosse are a largely independant race and teach their children to be independant through their unsympathetic attitudes. Mongosse did hibernate at one point in time, but the many dangers that have arisen in recent years have forced them from this habit. Females may hibernate once every few years if they are more powerful than regular Mongosse, as they emerge after hibernation even more powerful than before. Young Mongosse often hibernate as well, though they typically stop when they reach adolescence.


Because of their dark fur and similar body shapes, Mongosse are thought to be related to Squirrels and Chipmunks, though they do not recall ever worshipping Nut or living alongside the Squirrels. The Squirrels agree that they have no memory of ever living alongside Mongosse in the past.

Notable Mongosse[]

Overlord Cronchok: Leader of the Mongosse, Cronchok is awe inspiring and frightening at the same time. A giant among Mongosse, Cronchok stands 7 feet tall and is very muscular, able to lift two large mongosse at the same time. Cronchok is devoted to the protection of his race and is in charge of maintaining alliances and keeping an eye out for potential enemies.