Constructed Mythology

The Monarch of Cikira is the title and position of the Head of State in Cikira. As long as the person is a descendant of its founder, St. Cikira, and approved by the Council of Deputies, he can succeed to the throne. Interestingly, beside the country Beolothor, there has been Queen regnant in the throne. Another thing to note is that they have only one ruling house since its founding, named the Holy House of St. Cikira.

List of Cikiran Monarchs[]

  • St. Cikira
  • Marvan the Great
  • Ormond the Builder
  • Batran I
  • Sandro I, also called the Pious
  • Batran II
  • Sandro II
  • Lorina I
  • Sandro III
  • Lorina II
  • Faolan I
  • Sandro IV
  • Marvan II
  • Gyula I
  • Sandro V
  • Gyula II, also called the Ceremonious
  • Marvan III
  • Faolan II
  • Marvan IV
  • Sandro VI
  • Faolan III
  • Lorina III
  • Batran III
  • Batran IV
  • Gyula III
  • Sandro VII
  • Lorina IV
  • Sandro VIII
  • Batran V, official reign name of King Dargh.
  • Sandro XI

Heir Apparent: Princess Lorina of Cikira (born November 5, 993).