Constructed Mythology

Built atop an ancient smoldering Volcano, the fortress of Mizzenguard is probably the greatest of all post-war fortifications constructed in “the great preparation”. In some ways similar to Yulan, the fort feeds off the heat of the volcano below it (instead of using water to cool it) and thus warms the entire citadel. The most heat can be found in the upper sections, as the heat rises through pipes in the wall to the top where it is released along with any smoke produced. The lava below is kept under strict control by runes and spells, forcing the volcano to remain dormant, but only barely. Another interesting feature to be noted is the large thermal garden built to hold enough food to support the garrison and a whole regiment more. This farm feeds off the magma heat source. And water that is necessary is collected and melted from snow. Mizzenguard is constructed in an odd octagonal shape, with amazingly high, angled walls to deflect ice storms which are commonplace on this high peak. It features heavy catapults including onagers and even mighty trebuchets. A great tower rises in the middle, while thick, it's not much taller than the wall, as to minimize damage from winds. The main purpose of the fortress was to warn, and defend against another possible elven invasion through the pass of despair. Once it was garrisoned with two whole regiments, though this has slacked off to little more than a company over the slow years following the war.

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