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Mizinti at first appear a bland, evil people, devoid of any real culture. This assumption could not be further from the truth. Divided into 4 tribes, the Mizinti history is filled with violent disputes, brutal assaults and desperate fights to preserve their heritage.

Mizinti assassin


Mizinti have grey skin and abnormally long fingernails, which give their hands a claw-like look. Their teeth are yellow and quite sharp, while their eyes are narrow and always moving. Mizinti do not have hair. As far as builds go, how a Mizinti looks depends on what tribe they come from. In that respect, male and female Mizinti are very alike in appearance, other than the obvious differences.


Mizinti culture differs between the four tribes. Mizinti of tribe A' spend much of their time trying to cool their violent tempers. They believe that if they are to have a place in the third party alliance, they must become masters of themselves first.

Tribe Cro' is centered around doing things that no other Mizinti tribe would dream of doing. In the past, they have attacked many cities, villages, camps, travellers and convoys, seemingly for no reason. Many assume they do this to appease Cro' ZokZok, their unstable diety.

Cro' tribe

Members of the Cro' tribe

Tribe Mi' will often attack villages and caravans as well, though only to steal food for themselves. Life in tribe Mi' is a gluttonous one, the Mizinti of tribe Mi' being much thicker than most Mizinti. Tribe Mi' will react in an outburst of pure rage if food is stolen from them.

Mi' tribe

Members of the Mi' tribe

Finally, tribe Va' is a tribe of remarkably attractive Mizinti who are fueled by feelings of passion and desire. Mizinti of this tribe are mostly docile, though often, they cannot control their intense emotions and react in unusual ways to seemingly normal acts.

Mizinti of any tribe lay eggs, which hatch within hours of being laid. A normal Mizinti couple will have around 3 children.


Most Mizinti now live in the void, though they can also be found in dry, mountainous regions throughout Fubadubia.

Notable Mizinti[]