Constructed Mythology


Miniland was a small island that was located on planet Nanoria, in the Sea of Micro. It was a unique land in that its inhabitants were only half an inch tall. The strange physics of miniland also made them unable to perceive anything taller than twice their height, or one inch.


Miniland was divided into 4 provinces. Each one had different geographical resources and structure.


Smallton was a province of Miniland that was covered in rolling plains and fields, with small grassy hill formations to the west. It was Miniland's agricultural province, and also the most remote. Its people were friendly, but often looked little into outer affairs, although Smallton was secretly home to the Sixteen Archmagi and their students.


Petitia was a coastal province that was characterized by high ocean mountain ranges. These began in Petitia, but extended off into the Sea of Micro, haven risen from underwater volcanoes. Petitia was, unsurprisingly, the fishing province of Miniland, though it also was known for its gold and moonstone mines. It was said in Miniland mythology, that in ancient days there was once a mountain in Petitia made of pure moonstone. This, many say, is why the area is so rich in it. Miniland Scientists are unsure whether this is true or not.


Minutos is a mysterious forested province. It is home to the lumber centers of Miniland, but beyond those little is known. Legend tells of a secret nation within Minutos, a veritable paradise, known as Shandimin. The Government of Minutos seeks to deny this, but some travellers claim to have been there.


Littel is the capital province. It is the home of the government, and much trade occurs there.