Constructed Mythology

'The world of Mildorn' is a realm of fantasy and high lore and mythos. This world tries not to follow the general fantasy ideas of elves, dwarves, and goblins. But the rich cultures of Mildorn has much to offer, and will hopefully give you ideas of your own!


Mildorn has three theories of how it had begun. The first is the scientific explanation- "The Big Bang". The second stated that the gods created the world and let it take shape by itself. Some people use this as an explanation to blame the gods ("Why didn't they help us in the begining?" etc.)

The third and last was of the great beast- the Milldoran a.k.a. "The Savage Beast", who had fallen asleep in Nothingness. Mildorn had grown on Milldoran's back, and the Beast would later be known for the cause of the end of the world. Few people believe in this tale, but still percieve the creature to destroy the world.


There are 5 dominant races in Mildorn, but many more are alive. The five dominant eaces are:

  • The Human Race (Mildors)
  • Valkyr
  • Felicor
  • Aerorians
  • Arthropods (Scarabs)

The other races and creatures on Mildorn are found in The Mildorn Bestiary.


There are three main regions of Mildorn. The three regions are:

  • Legeamond (The Two Kingdoms)
  • Alewen (The Voyager's Kingdom)
  • Viekon (Trabador's Keep)

The History of Mildorn[]

Mildorn's history is kept within a large library kept in the Settlement of West Legeamond. The history and timeline of Mildorn is kept into four volumes.

  • Pre-History
  • Volume One
  • Volume Two
  • Volume Three
  • The Book Unwritten

More on Mildorn is coming soon, including a more focused landscape and important peoples.