Constructed Mythology

Merandul (is not completed) is a large landmass on the planet Varistar. It is home to six different regions, and a multitude of creatures and races. Merandul is for the most part, inhabited by opposing empires of Humans. Goblins inhabit Merandul as well, and are very much feared by Humans.


There are six regions of Merandul:

  • Ceriot is the northern region, and home to the Cerik Empire. Ceriot covers nearly a third of Merandul. It is a darkened forest land. Where there are not cities or towns, there are trees. Goblins populate the area in small portions, but their numbers here still dwarf that of other regions. The cities and are filled with ghosts, spirits and spectres. Magic is a constant in the Cerik countryside, and faeries can sometimes be seen floating through the forests at night, illuminating them.




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