Constructed Mythology

  Matrii(or Salaii) is a world of many people, some are civilizations lost for thousands of years.  An example of this is the names for the world.  Salaii is from Anian, a language from the Age of the Sun, (An-ee-n) meaning Land of Aniar.  Matrii is from the language Amaii from the age of the stars, meaning mother of all.


  In the beginning, the entity known to the Aniar as Adoii, (or The One) created the Father sky and Mother earth.  But he was alone and sad for this.  So he created Eairia, the first of the Eairin and the Anian.  Thus he created the first beings.  Then he created the birds, the beasts, and the Anroii.  The Anroii were men who would become mankind in a whole.

The Age of the sun          []

  The age of the sun was the beggining of the world, when The One put the Aniar and the Anroii upon the eartjh.  In this age there was no death and the world was fresh.  The Anian ruled over the Anroii for two thousand year, and they were ruled by the High-lord and second to The One, Eairia. But Eairia became jealous of The One and sought to create his own world.  So Eairia asked The One for this privilege.  But The One knew Eairias heart and refused him.

  So Eairia sought to betray The One

The Age of Betrayal and The Great Schism[]

  Eairia called all men to him, and hundreds followed him into darkness.  It is he who forged the black sword Illeranii.  He led the armies of the Eairin for a hundred years.  But in the hundredth year, those faithful to The One joined together to fight Eairia.