Constructed Mythology
Marticus Frah Saturnalia
First Millenium
Fourth Millenium
Zhoa Saturnalia (father, deceased)

Merna Plutonis (mother, deceased)

Luna Moonbeam (stepmother, deceased)

Lysander Moonbeam (stepbrother)
"I suppose you could call me a wizard of sorts."
-Marticus explaining himself to Fermak Shir

Marticus Frah Saturnalia, known formally as Frah Saturnalia and casually by his nickname Mart was a wizard. He was one of the original participants in the Battle of Farmont Shore, and after defeating the Dark Lord Gushama turned the land into an elfen empire led by his elf step-brother, Lysander Moonbeam. After the introduction of men into the empire, Marticus, not wishing to give away his immortality and magic to those who would covet it, became a hermit, living distanced from the society he helped create. After nearly four milleniums of secrecy, Marticus' hidden hut on the outskirts of the empire was discovered by a mortal, Fermak Shir. At this same time, the lord Gushama returned to power, and Marticus learned of a prophecy revealing that Fermak was the Chosen One, the only being that could restore peace to the realm. He helped Fermak on his quest before dying at the hands of the Dark Lord.

First Millenium[]

"Birmishore! You see, that is the fire hex. Now you try."
-Lysander Moonbeam teaching Marticus magic

Marticus was born in the ancient realm of Farmont Shore to the wizard Zhoa Saturnalia and sorceress Merna Plutonius. His mother died in his youth, and his father remarried to the ancient elven queen of Farmont Shore, Luna Moonbeam, who had an adult son, Lysander. Marticus and Lysander quickly became friends, despite the large age gap, and Lysander taught his stepbrother how to perform magic.

After marrying into the elven royal family, Marticus was given the honorable title of Frah, an elvish word for prince. When his full name was written, Frah was used between his first and last names.

Second Millenium[]

When Marticus nearly 1000, Farmont Shore came under attack by the Dark Sorceror Gushama, who was just coming into power. Gushama killed Zhoa and Luna, leaving Marticus parentless and Lysander a king. It was at this time that, seeing the suffering of others, Marticus joined the military, rising to the rank of general due to his proficiency in magical combat.

Marticus confronted Gushama in the Battle of Farmont Shore and, using magic, locked him into a vault for the next several milleniums. He and Lysander helped rebuild the elven empire, with Lysander as king.

Third Millenium[]

At the start of the Third Millenium, men came unknowingly into Farmont Shore and settled it, and Marticus, not wanting to scare the mortals with his magic, became a hermit, moving into a hut on the outskirts of the shore.

Fourth Millenium[]

When Marticus was gradually aging in his old age during the fourth millenium, he was caught doing magic by a mortal, Fermak Shore, and taught the young boy all of his magic. Around this same time, news of Gushama escaping his vault reached Fermak Shore, and Marticus was terrified and decided to start a rebellion, The Frah's Legacy.