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Cosmic, Runic, Draconic

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A single, solid color

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They can do just about anything

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The Dragons of Maroit are mysterious creatures of exeptional power. Each dragon is capable of wielding almost any kind of magic without the presence of metal, and each dragon wields a type of magic totally unique to them and their offspring.

When disguised in humanoid form, dragons tend to give themselves names in Draconic, so that other dragons may identify them.


They are capable of transforming from humanoid form into their true form, and vice versa. In humanoid form, they can alter their appearance and physical attriubtes at will using something similar to projection. In their true humanoid form, they resemble attractive, muscular humans with metal horns and skin that changes color, depending on which way the light faces. Their irises eclipse their entire eyes, and they have no pupils.

In draconic form, they resemble massive, winged lizards with metal horns and luminous eyes. Their scales shimmer like metal.

When a humanoid dragon and a human have a child, the result is called a Dragonling. Dragonlings always resemble ordinary humans, except for their eyes, which resemble the eyes of a dragon. Dragonlings generally capable of wielding many magical arts, along with their parent's unique magical talent.


No one is quite sure where dragons came from.

Noteable dragons[]

All dragons are noteable, but here are a few: