Constructed Mythology
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Marine Dragoness

The Marine dragoness is the goddess of water on Mistras. She looks like a large blue serpent, with long glass-like hair falling from her head just like a waterfall, Her fire is blue, and, despite it looks still, it is furious like the sea itself.

She is a timid goddess that swims in the rivers and coasts, trying to not attract any attention. But she is attracted by the voice of any young women, as she feeds on songs. When she heard a singing girl near a river, she will not doubt on taking her to violently devour the song from her mouth and chest, even swallowing the girl's voice. The only thing is left inside the chest of the girl is a furious blue flame of the goddess. Now the girl has lost her voice, insteda having an ardent breath of dragon. She will not be able to talk nor sing anymore, she will just roar and blow fire instead.

Despite it would look horrible for the victim, it is not that bad. Now she possess the enchanted fire of the dragons on her chest, and this fire is full of spells and charms, turning her into an enchantress. Thus, with a single roar, the girl can invoke any enchantment the marine dragoness inspires her.

The behavior of the girl is turned into a more dragon-like one, now she is vain, capricious and somewaht mischievous. In some cases the girl is eventually turned into a actual dragon, it occurs if her voice was so sweet that the dragoness devoured it with that pleasure and savagery that she even bit the heart of the girl. In that case, the poison of the dragoness totally burnt the heart, and a snake born from the dragoness's fire takes her place. The girl, with a snake for a heart, quickly turns into a dragon after a short time.