Constructed Mythology

Marcus I, Noberator of Gormause, born Marcus Sandstrom Gormause (Camp Chilin, 14 March 976) is the 1st Noberator of Gormause from 1000 until now. He was the military aide of the current Atron of Bapuria, Ferund XVII, during the civil war in Bapuria.

He is the son of Titus Gormause, a retired colonel of Bapuria. In 992, he enlisted in the military and rose progressively in ranks despite his young age. He joined the cause of his commander, the future Ferund XVIII, against the usurper, Hondur. He was named in 994 the second in command of Ferund and became his trusted military adviser. He provided advises to his commander as well as lead his own troops in battles. During the rebuilding of the country, he was put in charge of restoring order on the entire country.

He was present when Ferund was crowned as the new Atron of Bapuria and as a reward for his service, he was given the title to be the new Noberator of Ferund's brother nober, formerly known as Heroz, in Qzores. He accepted it gratefully.

Marcus is married to his colleague and fellow soldier, Lady Josepha of Gormause (nee Helmrich) and the couple is blessed with three children; Aurelius Sandstrom Gormause, Sergius Frederick Gormause and Lane Celina Gormause.

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