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Malignos is an ancient entity with power exceeding that of a dragon.


Malignos is about 50 times taller than a human, with four arms and two legs. Its body appears to be made out of dark gray stone, webbed with symmetrical cracks, which converge in the center of where its face would be to form a single "eye". These cracks glow with reddish light.


When Malignos was imprisoned in a block of transentium , it was still capable of influencing the world in small ways. This is due to the fact, thanks to its nature as a God Fragment, while its body was imprisoned in a transentium block, his mind remained seperate. It can appear in the dreams of any he chose. It exudes an aura of heat so strong it can melt metal if it gets close enough. Random explosions and other destructive effects occur randomly around it. Malignos is intellegent, but it cannot speak without the aid of magic.


It is unknown how Malignos came to Maroit. At an unknown time, it was severely weakened and imprisoned in a block of transentium. Thousands of years later, it manipulated the newly Remade Cynoriak into freeing it, knowing that any other dragon would realise its true nature. Cynoriak freed Malignos, and it went on a rampage. Thanks to the fact that it was still wounded from the battle it had fought before it was imprisoned, Cynoriak and Schraeden Vors were able to defeat it, though not before Cynoriak was slain.