Constructed Mythology

There are two main kinds of dragon on Drakace Island.

Green Brow Dragon

A green Brow dragon!

Brow Dragons[]

Brow dragons come in many different colour varieties and are usually quite friendly. They have four legs and two wings. Here are the powers that each colour has: Green: All-around in fire-breathing, ice-breathing and magic. Red: Better at breathing fire than ice or magic. Male reds are rather aggressive. Can spit fire in a variety of ways, such as infernos or fireballs. Blue: OK with fire-breathing, ice-breathing and magic. More intelligent than the other colours of Brow dragon. White: Are very good at flying and spitting ice-breath. Are OK with magic but take a long time to learn how to breathe fire. Purple: Very good at magic and flying, and OK with breath powers. Pink: Best flyers and rather intelligent, but not good at all with anything else. Gold: Good at pretty much everything.

Ridge Dragons[]

Come in two colours: Red and dark green. Are more ferocious than Brow dragons, and they are bigger with more spines running down their backs. These are like the western dragons that knights slay. Their powers are fire-breathing and some magic.


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