Constructed Mythology

Magnhild was Hanver the Just's war kanpur and the most famous actual kanpur of antiquity.


Early in his career as warlord of the Black Faithfuls, one of the trading clans of what is now Frebe presented Hanver a large black, yellow-eyed male kanpur as a sign of payment in exchange of protection from the Armeyasians. Ten men hold the the mighty beast down when he is presented. Upon seeing the himself, Hanver gladly accepted the offer and proceed to tame the beast himself.

The legend tells us the young black kanpur become enamored with his new master, upon contact from his soothing hands. Thereafter, the two companions become inseparable and became like brothers. Hanver named him Maghnild which means strong.

Hanver and Magnhild[]

As one of his chargers, Magnhild served Hanver in numerous battles. His legend fired the imagination of many an artist from the ancient to the modern world. They tell us from the legend that Magnhild is gentle to his master but a devil in the eyes of the opponents. In one account he killed fifty Armeyasians nonstop. He was there when Hanver became the leader of the continent.

He outlived Hanver before dying of old age. He was buried with his beloved master.

Titles and Nicknames[]

Due to his reputation as Hanver's mount, Magnhild earned different titles and nicknamed throughout the ancient times.

  • Hanver's Devil
  • The Black Plague
  • King of the Kanpurs
  • Great Kanpur of the North
  • Beast of Savage
  • Prince of Magnificence
  • Magnhild the Great