Constructed Mythology

On Morotu there are a verity of magic arts and every region has it's own fundamental forms of magic.

While it is possible to learn multiple forms of magic. To excel a person usually only learns one magic art. In the case of Elemental magic there are polar opposite arts that can not only be difficult to learn but also dangerous to the body.

Magic in Colian/ Elemental Magic[]

The diverse cultures of Colian use and are often associated with the elements.

  • Light: an element very difficult to wield. A Master of the art can not only make illusions, and strobe effects but also make light solid, and wield electricity.

  • Fire:

  • Air: on Morotu a Guardian controls the wind current which all air based magic stems from.

  • Dragon Force: Dragons have at their disposal their own variation of wind. It's this force that allows a typical Dragon to out class a bird in flight, and has no reliance on the winds direction.

  • Water:

  • Darkness: an element very difficult to wield. There are two variation of this element. Shadow manipulation and liquefying shade.

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