Constructed Mythology

Magic is a common thing in Katharia. Angkelos and wizards use them for almost everything in their life. The most powerful source of magic are the four Hearts of each continent. The Heart is created by Sanggro when his wife, Aspros, died. Magic can be divided in several parts, one example is Protection Magic, which is use to defense the person who use it.

Transferring object[]

Magic can only be use by the presence of a transferring object. Transferring object is used to do magic. Examples of transferring object including a staff, broom or even a spoon. Helion uses her magic by places the Heart of Katharia on her wooden staff. However, angkelos and some powerful wizards doesn't need a transferring object to do magic. Examples of people like this is Uruk Maveris.


As stated, magic can be divided into several parts including;

  • Shooting magic - A magic that is use in shooting.
  • Bombardment magic - A powerful attack-type magic that creates a large bombardment.
  • Attacking magic - Commonly uses in a magical combat.
  • Defensive magic - A magic that protects the person who creates it.
  • Healing magic - Magic uses for healing.
  • Support magic - Supportive magic including invisibility and flying.

The Four Hearts of Katharia[]

The four Hearts of each continent have a powerful magic. Each Heart have it's own destined owner. A destined owner is t

Heart of Anumar

Heart of Anumar.

he original owner of the Heart. One example is Helion, she is the owner of Heart of Anumar. However, the power of four Hearts is too powerful and the only one who can controls it is Sanggro, the creator of the Heart. Each Heart have it's own colour. Heart of Anumar has the colour red, Heart of Galunar has the colour blue, Heart of Heliothor (currently missing) have the colour of orange and Heart of Maresintasis (currently missing) have the colour purple.

Goblin's magic[]

Goblin's magic is a type of magic can only be use by goblins, a race created by Mavros, an angkelo. The power itself is a part of Mavros's power. It's magic is diffrent from normal magic.

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