Constructed Mythology
Magi terra 005

A Dragon from Magi Terra.

Magi terra

The right side of the map

Magi terra 002

the east side of the map. The dotted lines are train lines

The domonant race is the the power lords in which only two exist one for light and one for dark. They both own races of many kinds that work for them but the light lord makes it optional for them to work for him but the races that work for the dark lord are enslaved.

There are no gods but two mighty lords of Dark and light.


elves,dragons,magicians,witchs,gods,demi god, deamons, dark magician

Relevant Places[]

The stones mine where slaves and gods are are put through masses of work


THe mightiest hero of this land is Aidan Jonran his father is his worst enemy although he does not know that his father is his father. Aidans teacher preffesor spanglor who is in a wheel chair but has many concealed secrets.