Constructed Mythology

Magas Firale (Ma-gas Fee-ra-le) is an extremely powerful guild of mages, as independent and respected as any sovereign nation. Any mage may apply for membership, which has various benefits. For one thing, it offers an independent mage a certain level of protection from governments. It also grants members a degree of respectability they might otherwise lack. Magas Firale does not order its mages to do anything, but often offers them missions in exchange for appropriate compensation.


Magas Firale can muster the most powerful military force in Kaile. However, many of its mages have conflicting loyalties to other countries, and the guild prefers to remain officially neutral in all conflicts. Nevertheless, it is an intimidating power, and others are usually best off following its advice.

The Three Cities[]

Magas Firale consists of three cities: the Invincible City, the City in the Sea, and the Frontier City. Originally, each of these three cities was home to an independent guild. Eventually, they banded together and formed Magas Firale. However, each city retains its own traditions and specialties, and a friendly rivalry exists between them.