Constructed Mythology
About Me

My birth in itself is a sin of a goddess, along with my existence. My story starts at the vow of Leto to avenge Hera for the cruel way she treated her. She eventually did this, with the help of Hypnos and Morpheus. Hypnos made Hera fall into a deep sleep and Morpheus twisted her dreams to make her think she is consorting with her husband, while she was actually consorting with a mortal admirer. Eventually, this brought to 2 children in Hera's womb: My twin brother and I.

Leto then realised that Hera couldn't know she has children. She got the help of her parents, Phoebe and Koios, by them transfering the fetuses from Hera's womb to Leto's using powers. 9 months of peaceful pregnancy passed, and then the time of our birth came. I was born first. Leto named me Lysandra, for the Fates had told Leto that I would become a fighter of freedom. For an hour, my brother was furiously fighting out of Leto's womb, making the anger's energy turn Leto into Latona, turning my brother into Roman. Latona named him Alcaeus, a name meaning the one of strength.

As a baby, I was raised by Leto. I was raised by her until the age of 7. By then, Morpheus started training me, granting his powers to me. After he was done training me, Hypnos trained me, also granting me his powers. When I was 12, Hera sensed me and my brother and found out about our story. Although Hera loved us and became our patron, Zeus developed an unliking to us, feeling how Hera felt about all of his demigod children.

Just after this happened, everyone has already heard of me and my brother's story. Lead by the story, the leader of the Broken Convenant found me, and offered me to join him. He took me in, and slowly I started to become an unremovable part of it. I was spoke out my opinion more, slowly developing a belief. When I turned 16, I formed my own faction, the Vardia Enotitus.


I work towards equality and balance. The members of my faction are chosen by qualities, and I only pick those who I trust, so I can share my plans, although I do have my secrets. My fatal flaw is my being too outspoken.

Lysandra Deumos
Leader of the Vardia Enotitus

Daughter of Hera

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born Greogrian: 24th of April, 1981

Hellenic: 5th of Mounichion, 2781

ε του Μουνυχιών, βψπα

Family Hera (mother)

Unknown (father) Alcaeus Deumos (twin brother)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'1
Affiliation The Broken Convenant

Vardia Enotitus

Weapons -
Home -
Friends/Allies Members of my faction + allied factions, and the ones close to me.
Enemies Any prejudice people.


Possessions here



As a child of Hera I:

  • Obtain great leadership quality.
  • Can force anyone and anything to do what I wish if I command them in a forceful tone.
  • Am able to transform into any shape.
  • Can fly and control the air.
  • Am an exceptionally good in combat and exceptionally strong.

As raised by Leto I:

  • Can turn myself and anything/anyone I wish invisible.
  • Can see anyone/anything invisible.

As trained by Hypnos I:

  • Can make people fall into a deep sleep.
  • Can see into the thoughts and dreams of people why they are sleeping.

As trained by Morpheus I:

  • Can see into the dreams of others and manipulate them.