Constructed Mythology

The Lunar Archbishop, or simply the Archbishop, is the Bishop of Konrig and, as such, is leader of the Church of the Holy Moon at Cikira. The current office-holder is Archbishop Avatea, who appointed to the position by king Dargh of Cikira in 19 April 1005. At first they claimed supremacy in judicial and political power all over the worshiper of Madonna, the Moon Goddess. They claimed they are her agents and, as such, be treated higher than the different monarchs of the human nations.

Gradually forced to give up secular power, Lunar Archbishop now focus almost exclusively on spiritual matters. Over the centuries, archbishop claims of spiritual authority have been ever more clearly expressed, culminating in the proclamation of the dogma of Archbishopric infallibility for rare occasions when the Archbishop speaks from his residence) to issue a solemn definition of faith or morals.

Any human, either male or female, can be appointed to the Archbishopric office by the King of Cikira and must be a bishop to any important bishopric across the continent Hanver.

List of Lunar Archbishop[]

  • St. Cikira
  • Mallon the Blessed
  • St. Pisano
  • Audo of Nasfros
  • Freya the Peaceful
  • Onarse I
  • Kiel the Great
  • Onarse II
  • Marfa I
  • Kiel II
  • Marfa II
  • Marfa III, commonly called as the Perfect Matron
  • Kiel III
  • St. Lotmann
  • Onarse III
  • Kephano Falco
  • Lotmann II
  • Onarse IV
  • Pelayo I
  • Nila the Beautiful
  • Onarse V
  • Kiel IV
  • Marfa IV
  • Onarse VI
  • Lotmann III
  • Onarse VII
  • Avatea