Constructed Mythology

Luminia is the legendary land of fire and light, located in the top of the big clouds of the day. Nobody can get there, at least, obviously, that befriend with one of the great horse gods, and this takes him in his sacred wings to the top of the clouds. Luminia was created by the sun god, and his wife, the beautiful goddess of the rainbow.


Big rivers and lakes adorn this region. Rivers do not are only of water, but the most sacred ones are of light, or of fire. When these rivers arrive to their end and they fall into the land, their water becomes our rain, their light becomes our rainbow, and their fire becomes bolts.


Luminia is inhabited for every kind of sacred spirits, from beautiful even fierce fairies birds of fire. Fairies are abundant, and do not forget to please and to delight to all those that they can by granting them wishes. For sure they will concede you yours if you recite a poem to them or the venerate them with a hymn.

Goddess of rainbow[]

If you get to see the beautiful goddess of rainbow, offer him a flower. She will give you a drink of water of the river of the rainbow. If you are a kind girl, for sure this will turnyou into a fairy, and if you are an agreeable boy, for sure you will be turned into a divine spirit of the wind, and you will take part of her joyful ceremonies.

God of Sun[]

If you meet Sun God, you should be careful. He likes the bovine sacrifices, and he would be able to offer you water of the river of the thunderbolts. If you take her, you will turn into a fiery bull or cow, and you will be belong to his consecrated cattle forever.