Constructed Mythology

Lotte Townsend is a supporting character and antagonist in the World of the Hourglass. She is a Doll, a member of a mysterious species who assumes a role in but hasn't been explained much in the story. Lotte herself is the creator of several more Dolls, and dwells in the Townsend House somewhere in Michigan.


Lotte was once a fair-skinned young woman with hazel eyes and shoulder-length brown hair, with rosy cheeks and inviting smiles. After being transformed by the Doll curse, she has lost most of her original beauty, being reduced to a grotesque caricature of herself. Her brown hair has grown and falls in snaky tendrils that move by themselves. Lotte's eyes have darkened to greenish-black pools, likened to tar, and her skin has lost much its color.


Lotte Townsend was born to a rich family in the 1800s, and as she grew older, became a socialite, attracting many men whom she all shunned. Lotte, despite her prim and proper front, hid a dark secret: she was actually a witch born into a family of non-witches. After setting her house on fire due to a magical mishap, thereby killing all of her family and a lot of the town, Lotte set out to undo her mistake.

Lotte discovered Porcellana, the Witch of the Death Mask, who offered to help her. Lotte wished for the damage to her house to be undone, and her family returned. Porcellana agreed, but to hold up her ebd of the deal, transformed Lotte into a Doll, but it is revealed Porcellana twisted the deal in her favor. Lotte was forced to live eternally as a Doll, who would be forced to recreate her family from scratch, dwelling in the Townsend House alone, accursed to a life of perpetual solitude and anguish.

Lotte created several more Dolls to fill the space in her home; these soulless slaves became her only company, but she grew bored of them. Dove reveals to the group that Lotte attempted to trade her sister Rhodanthe for one of her own Dolls, but she refused.