Constructed Mythology

The ancient glens of Loshedanda have bled for ages, life-blood fertilized the soil and nearly every king after the begining of the Chaotic Era has seen some-sort of violent conflict. Luckily there are massive unbroken walls thart surround the nation coast. They appear as great mountains to those who near them with the truth of Loshedandan architecture. This was once the favored kingdom of all Maxin gods, and the edges of their empire spread to many coasts to spread the common culture and religion. Those days of the Antiquity are over, and not they are nothing more than a defensive nation warring with their neighbors all the time.



Loshedanda is one of few remaining kingdoms. This theocratic king dictates the will of the nation and inturprates the will of Attanna. To be royal in Loshedanda an elf must maintain very strict social codes, and if they even stray slighly the populus will not hesitate to pay an assassin to go after them. However these social codes show their righteous strength, and behind closed doors can be avoided. Nearly all queens are force-married young priestesses or diplomatic gifts, and these queens have the strictest of social codes that must be maintained else be deemed a dirty heretic.


Queen: In traditional Loshedandan politics the Queen holds absolute power, and thus the virgin priestess of Attanna to be selected by the king is to be elected by the temple its self based not only on appeaance, but on ability to rule its self. Technically the Queen is still the highest position, but as of the reign of Illidishi the Queen he picked was virtually incompitant and uninterested in politics.



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