Constructed Mythology

Princess Lorina of Cikira, Princess of Cikira(Lorina Felin Palatas ), born 10 August 997 in Konrig), is the eldest child of King Sandro XI of Cikira and his wife Queen Gderdith of Cikira.

The princess has two younger brothers: Prince Gyula Gierek Palatas (b. 997), and Prince Gula Hernof Palatas (b. 997). Her godparents are Lady Betillia of Hamer and Marshall Jacus Luwald Imperio-Barlaghn of Kandarlon

She is now attending the Holy Cikira University along with her siblings.


The official source of his names:

  • Lorina is after her maternal grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Jurgund.
  • Felin is her mother's middle name.

She is the first in line to the throne of Cikira and expected to sit as Lorina V.