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Lor, the mightiest of all Norse heroes.

Lor was a mighty Norse hero who lived in the village of Greatspire.


Lor Flàthgoridön was born on the two hundredth year anniversary of the year that Fafílögg was cast under the sea. He was blessed with God-like strength and had always shown the traits of a true hero. Even at the young age of twelve-years-old, he was able to save his small village from a stone troll named Calroth. When he was sixteen, Lor traveled to the small town of Evanvösk to slay the dragon, Anðríös. By the age of thirty-two, he had saved the Norse people so many times that it was nearly impossible to count. He had become the protector of the small village of Rötskívar. He had made the village his home. He also had a daughter, who's mother was taken by Menðsívör, whom was slain by Lor only two days later. His daughter was Princess Alösrí. Around this time, a group of dark sorcerers known as Lðkírans began to terrorize the Norce people. The sorcerers were minions of Loki and fought to bring about his freedom through hastening the coming of the Ragnarök. Lor and his men began to fight against them quite often. During this time, the Greek hero soldiers Denisen, Demicres, Sena, and Chale came to Rötskívar to aid the Norse, as the Norse had aided them during the Setonian War. Eventually, all of the sorcerers were either captured or executed. Of course, the sorcrers had left their mark on the people, even bringing back the destructive dragon of Yale. But, thanks to Lor and his men, the dragon was quickly put down, along with all of the Lðkírans' treachery. MORE COMING SOON.....

Weapons and Abilities[]

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