Constructed Mythology

Levana is the name for the Roman goddess of childbirth. She is identified with the Grecian goddess Eileithyia, as well as another deity of similar domain in the Roman pantheon, named Lucina. Protector of infants, she is also the master of the three Sorrows, a trio of goddesses who embody the despair and bleakness the world is plagued by.


The Roman goddess of childbirth, Levana, embodies the miracle of the beginning of all man's life. Her name is derived from the Latin phrase levare, meaning to raise, as she is who raises the child up to their parents. Like the dís Nona/Clotho, she is present at every birth.

Her attendants are the three Sorrows: Mater Lachrymarum, Mater Suspiriorum, and Mater Tenebrarum. These three embody Tears, Sighs, and Darkness, respectively; they are the masterminds behind all grief and depression. When Emma asks why such a heavenly and holy being like Levana would be attended by such atrocious entities, Fresco responds by saying a Miracle must be balanced by Sorrow.

The Three Sorrows[]

Our Ladies of Sorrow are a group of sisters, three in number, that preside and personify facets of despair: sighs, tears, and darkness. They orchestrate events around the globe, creating and promoting sadness and grief. It is alleged Levana captured the Sorrows and put them into her service, as long ago, the three ran wild, poisoning the world with their dark and heinous magic.

Mater Lachrymarum[]

The Mother of Tears; Lachrymarum is the eldest of three sisters. She weeps crocodile tears, among those who grieve; she is found among those who cannot relinquish the past. Her domain is the element of water, and it is said all the tears that fall from her eyes poison those they come in contact with. She is the Crone of the trio, as she is the oldest, experiencing the most of the three. She is fair and her eyes glimmer with unnatural yet alluring light.

Mater Suspiriorum[]

The Mother of Sighs; Suspiriorum is the middle child. Her domain is the element of air. It is she who prompts those experiencing grief to acknowledge it, but become unsure of what to do, resulting in a hollow and empty state. She is the Mother of the three, as her maturity and charisma is at its highest.

Mater Tenebrarum[]

The Mother of Darkness. She is the Maiden, as she is wild and frenzied. Cruel, young, and powerful; she is the nigh non-overcomeable force that devours all in sorrow. She is what cloaks and comforts those grieving after they have acknowledged it. Her domain is the obvious element of darkness.