Constructed Mythology

Sir Leporto Keleg, Visoran Keleg of Nortwoods (born August 12, 958) is the current Central Lord Commander of the Beolothor National Army.


Born in Fort Wieg, Ijoin, in 958, Leporto is the son of a retired colonel of Beolothor. He and his two sisters grew up in Fort Wieg's inner city. He worked odd jobs before embarking on his military career.

Keleg is a father of three, all whom are in the military.


Keleg joined the Belothoran Forces in August 975. He attended King Bargon I Military College, graduating in 979. His formative years were spent on duty in West Beolothor with the 2nd Army Battalion in troop command and staff appointments.

In 983, Keleg assumed duties as a Squadron Commander at the King Bargon I Military College in Keton, Ghesia. In 1986, he commenced a five-year regimental tour in Petawawa,Frebe serving in several staff and squadron command appointments. In 994, he serves as the quartermaster of Fort Angour east of the country where he was raise into a colonel. He then became Commander of the Fifth Infantry Division where he was promoted to Brigadier General in 997.

In 1000, he was named Visoran Keleg of Northwoods and joined the Central Command as the Chief of Supply with a rank of Major General.

After long service in the Army, Leporto is finally named Central Commander of Beolothor on September 12, 1003 by King Bargon V.