Constructed Mythology

The Leobhala is the fifth, out of six, long poems and stories of a historic record epic poem that describes the history of the Falmiric Islands and the Moonstone Isles: the Leabhor Gabhala Erenn.


The Leobhala starts soon after the victory of the Tuath Denarn at the Battle of Maghalot. Because of Nualot's death, Lughnasa, grandson of Balarch, the leader of the Fomhoraigh, is new crowned king, because he slew Balarch. He takes Emorrn, daughter of Ruadhnach, as wife.

The Sons of Cethor[]

Cethor, a half-Fomhoraigh, Tuath Denarn hybrid, conspires against Lughnasa to release some Fomhoraigh from gemstones the Tuath embedded them in, including Cethlenn, Balarch's wife, who desires revenge. He releases some Fomhoraigh from their gems. Cethlenn and Cethor have children, named Cuill, Cechtian, and Greine. Lughnasa slays Cethor and imprisons Cethlenn, and his sons retaliate. They chop Lughnasa into three pieces, and are thrown into the sea, much to the anger of Manafan mor Machir. The Sons of Cethor usurp the throne, and they plan to take left over poison from Balarch's corpse in Maghalot, and plan to resurrect him. Manafan floods the lands, and he becomes king.

The Arrival of Ith and the Milesians[]

Ith, son of Breogan, brother to Bile, uncle to Mil Espaine, plans to invade the Moonstone Isles with fleets of ships from his homeland, Briganat. However, Breogan denies this, saying that he must investigate it first. He sees that the Isles are under control of the Tuath Denarn. He conspires against them, and plans to tell Briganat that the Isles are empty. As he comes to many Tuath and attempts to kill them, Manafan sees that he has forceful invasive plans, and kills him. Mil retaliates, bringing his sons Erimon, Ebair Donn, and Elainon. He arrives with fleets of Briganatian ships. The Tuath and the Milesians go to war, mainly battling in the field of Maet. They are defeated, and later, the Milesians intermarry Hynemians from long ago, populating the Isles with humans.

The Attempt to Invade Falmir[]

Cicholan tries to invade Falmir,and fails. Most of the other details are lost because the pages were stolen by rogues.