Constructed Mythology

The Legion of the North, Army of Aurora, known officially as the Stone Hard Legion, is the Cikiran Army's primary combat unit, and are stationed at the northwest of the country Cikira. The Legion has been boasted as one of Hanver's best fighting force in mountain terrains. Aside from guarding the northern border of the country, the legion is also specialize in mountain terrain warfare, suitable in the mountainous terrain of the northern border.

The Commander of the Stone Hard Legion is the General-of-North (GoN), General Blair Palatas who happens to be a distant relative of the royal family of Palatas. It adopted the symbol of lightning as it's mascot.

Special Units[]

  • The Mountain Bulls (Officially the 1st Mountain Battalion) is an elite corp of soldiers who are trained in mountainous and rocky terrains. They are station just northwest of the country, having their base in the mountains of Cikira. They are led by Colonel Turin Masaru, himself a Bull since recruitment. They earn their nickname from their first commander, Brigadier Miltiades Comorin, a very large man with a temper to match.
  • The Trench Battalion (Officially the 3rd North Battalion) is a battalion of soldiers assigned in trench-digging and guarding at the north and northwest of Cikira. Their commander is Brigadier Bruce S. Presser.