Constructed Mythology

Dinosian legends talk about great fiery dragonic spirits that protect the home of the god of the vulcan.

The legends of Dinosa are related to the fact that, despite being a volcanic island, and it is not uncommon to find big bonds of dinosaurs. The first colonizers may have thought those bones belonged to such dragons, and then developing legends about them.

Dinosian dragons are usually considered to be friendly spirits of earth and fire, and they never got directly related with humans.

Due to the mismatch between the dates of the creation of the island and the extinction of dinosaurs, it has been investigated the possibility of the survival of some dinosaurs on the region, and they would have been the dinosaurs of the collonizers. Extensive research has been realized, but the particular conditions of both soil and climate makes about impossible to determine the exact date of the dinoaurs's bones.

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