Constructed Mythology

This is the home article for the Legend of the Arcanum.


The prelude to this story is that the power of magic is sealed into five Icons, each containing a different aspect of magic. The five Icons are:

The Icon of Primal Magic: It holds the power of the material world and is bound to nature

The Icon of Black Magic: It contains the dark side of earthly magic, holding the powers of corruption and death

The Icon of Nether Magic: This fiery icon burns with the energies of the underworld, responsible for all forms of evil and destruction

The Icon of Divine Magic: The antithesis of nether magic, it holds the power to heal and purify and links the divine realm to the mortal realm

The Icon of Chaos Magic: Within this icon is an ancient form of magic, strange and twisted, it can transform or destroy

Within the earthly realm, Ecumene, various factions of various races struggle of power, and those who know of the legends dare seek out the Icons to tap into ultimate power. None have succeeded.

Now, hailing from the East, a dark superpower has done the unthinkable; claiming the Icon of Nether Magic. With it, he has summoned hordes of demonic creatures, and seeks the power of the other icons to rule the universe. It takes a band of heroes to stop this Shadow Empire from claiming the icons, and in the process, raise an army to defeat them.