Constructed Mythology

The Regions of the North Flank, or Boreas; South Flank, or Notus; West Flank, or Zephyrus; and East Flank or Eurus are all governed by Royal Seats of Powers. Each of the major cities and some minor cities in every hold in Bellevoire are governed by a Leader. Rulers of the High Court are called "Vindils" and leaders of the Scar Union are called "governors." Each major city in every hold has a vindil. There are currently twenty vindils. Some vindils have chosen to remain loyal to the Order of the Authorities and several have already chosen to join the Markund.

Hold City Ruler Faction
Zephyr Starlint Sheila the Beautiful The Authorities
Middletone Middleton Araman Trademaster Bellevoire Trademasters
Freezehill Frostice Deslamond War-Hammer The Giants
Stamond War-Axe The Markund
Aurora Fryslass Aurora Borealis The Authorities
The Shorl Callasphic Grandwizard Hifanor The School of Magic
The Par Elygen Arthur Thunderdragon The Authorities
Wuraas Endus Wuraas Endus Selar Sofia Neutral
Whisthor Whisthor Zalid the Mystery Mystery
Sunleaf Gagivur Eragnur of Gagivur
The Par Parken
The Auxine Tara
Solstice (Winter) Governor Skarr Skarr Union
Darkmark Pitchblack City Ulmond Darkfear The Markund
Korreski Oakflame