Constructed Mythology

Lanrav a noble family who are based in the Milkon of the Eastern shore. They are the descendants of Milkon, the greatest warrior of the Daiken Tribe. The city of Milkon was named after him.


The name Lanrav was based from the legend that when Milkon, as young warrior, found a great white whale. He, enamored by the whale's beauty and tameness, befriended this beast. Everyday he always go to the beast and play in its domain.

One day, he went there just like any other day. But as went nearer, he discover that the Beast was killed and eaten by a group of pirates. Angered by this madness, he killed each pirate who has taken a bite from the Beast. Legend has it says that he killed them singled handedly with his own bare hand. Those who did not eat surrendered to him instead. They began to call him, in their own dialect, Lanraviafren Hokii or The Warrior of the Beast.

He took this name as his title. He passed this to his children and as generation by generation passes by, it was shorten into Lanrav. It was Hortamend who starts to call himself Hortamend Lanrav and he passed it to his family.