Constructed Mythology

Lady Betillia of Hamer (born Betillia Asareis of Hamer ,5 August 970 N.A.), Noberatorna of Hamer, is the second child of Kremon IV, Noberator of Heroz and Henda Garo, his wife. She is married to Athol VIII, Noberator of Hamer. She is also a trusted personel of the embassy of Bapuria.


She was born in Bardes, Qzores. Her older brothers are Kremon V, current Noberator of Heroz, and Graden, the Atrius of the Kingdom,. Her younger siblings are Asihia and the reigning Atron, Ferund XVII.

Civil War[]

She left with her other sister her home when her brother, Ferund XVII , led the rebellion against the pretender to the, Hondur. She provided moral support for her father and the whole family. She help the refugees and served as nurse throughout the war.

After the war[]

After the war, she was appointed leader of a committee in helping the Bapuria in providing social services by the Grand Dervan. She provided relieve goods and unity amongst the Bapurian people. When her brother became Atron, she provided ceremonial duties for him and become a known person throughout the kingdom. She also travelled ceaselessly throughout the country.

It was during one of her trip that she met Athol VIII, the Noberator of Hamer, where her next destination. She fall in love with the Count and quickly they became enganged. Ferund XVII blesses this union and on February 18, 1000 N.A., they were married. hence, she became known Lady Betillia of Hamer.

On September 3, 1001 N.A., Lady Betillia gave birth to the couple's first child, Vulia Tharina, at the Onze in Astyre. Then it followed by a son, Ferund, on August 4, 1003 N.A.

She is currently an ambassador of peace and a diplomat for the Bapuria.