Constructed Mythology

Kridea is in many ways similar to its counter-part, Katar. It too has a defensive eastern border and holds a large percentage of the Empire's farmland. Yet it is much hotter and receives a daily dose of warm winds sweeping up from Duskania. Unlike Katar, which played a mainly defensive role in The Haram War, Kridea played the offensive. Sending strike forces and supplies into the Draconic lands to their east. As a result, there are far less defenses and more barracks which held troops preparing to march east. Kridea borders lake Fresii(Fres-ih-ai) to its south, which provides the people with ample water during their province's common dry spells.


In the middle millions.


Ruled my a provincial Magistrate

Kridea as a Kingdom[]

Before the rise of The Haram Empire and after the fall of The Goblin Empire, chaos reigned. Local warlords and leaders fought over land and wealth. Eventually many of these city states were absorbed by larger more successful nations. Finally three remained, Katar, Kridea and the Haram. Kridea as the area with more land but far less troops fell quickly during the first stages of the Three Kingdoms War, and served to help the fall of Katar. Despite its quick annexation to the Empire, Krideans continue to practice some of their ancient customs to this day.

Kridean Culture:[]

The culture of Kridea could be compared with that of ancient Hellenism and the ancient Persian Empire. Although the first kingdom to be conquered by the Empire, Krieda remains the province most bound by tradition and custom, some of its people highly superstitious.

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