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Kozehrok'nagh is a city in the realm of Qetnarshad, a land floating the acid skies of Narshush.


Kozehrok'nagh was founded by Resfu §angtu, one of the many immortal warriors of the first age. It was created to be his haven, where he was to be Dacx (King in Narshurain). His slaves (mostly of the Shraknigh race) were forced to build a great city in the mountains. This task took them hundreds of years, while the shadow of Resfu §angtu watched over them. When it was finished, §angtu's family (a whole nation), went to live there. The descendants of §angtu are now the greatest city in Qetnarshad.


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The city is divided up into seven different regions. Sernoght (10 miles wide), Fleishnoght (17 miles wide), Renoght (2 miles wide), Laghnoght (8 miles wide), Ohshesh (20 miles wide), Graghtnoght (4 miles wide)

And the Centnoght, a 3 mile wide fortress. In the centre of this, there is a gloden tower where the royalty lives. In the fortess there are also the barracks of Kozehrok'nagh's soldiers.

The Kozehrok'nagh army[]

The Army of Kozehrok'nagh were are dubbed 'gurt Narzozak (the dragon)' for their bright red and gold armour they wore, and the fact that they were the first in Qetnarshad to use the coal powered flame weapons that are so widely used now.

The commander of gurt Narozak is ₣arsgo §angtu, the great-grandson of Resfu §angtu.