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Kombadombbbs are a fascinating race who are quite fond of the Turkys; their closest allies. Their courageous natures and quick thinking are a huge asset to the Fubadub Allies.

Kombadombbb trailblazer


Resembling humanoid rabbits of some sort, Kombadombbbs are quick and agile, though their bright yellow fur makes them very noticeable. Their faces are very odd, as in place of eyes, they seem to have a round face, wearing a hat of some sort. This face never speaks, though is usually turning and looking around, so it is quite possible that it is really an eye of some sort. Female Kombadombbbs are ridiculously tall compared to males, usually towering over other races at 6.5 feet tall. Males usually grow to around 6 feet.


With no real heritage of their own, the Kombadombbbs often treat Turky culture as their own, though they have contributed to Turky culture with such ideas as three legged races (which they always win). Kombadombbbs are a beautiful people, even with their odd eyes. They are often seen by others as beings of grace, their movements, delicate and their looks, fair. All Kombadombbs, even males, have very long fingers, which is appropriate, considering their aptness as writers, journalists and poets.


Naturally curious, Kombadombbs are well known as travellers and explorers, though most of them live with the Turkys in Berry Forest.

Notable Kombadombbbs[]

Princess Springtail: Soon to become Queen Springtail due to the death of her mother, Springtail is in a dilemna, feeling she is quite unready to ascend to the throne. Although she is only 18, Springtail is very self-aware and has learned much since she was first born.